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Cool Dudes is a casual 25 man raiding guild on US-Mannoroth

Cool Dudes is a casual 25 man guild that raids on Friday and Saturday each week that offers a unique environment where the player receives just as much, if not more, that they put into the guild. If you're looking for a guild that is going to give you the tools to be successful not just while you're leveling but also when you hit 90 then you should consider joining us as you progress through World of Warcraft.

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What Gamers Say

To anybody thinking of joining Cool Dudes, I definitely recommend it. It’s easily the best social leveling guild on Mannoroth!
Xpariah, Reckoning
If I spent more time in WoW and less on EVE Online, I would be a member of Cool Dudes.
Varnius, Reckoning
I finally found a guild where I’m not ridiculed for living with my mother!
Saintmikey, Cool Dudes
I suffer from being a soulless ginger and Cool Dudes accepts me for being a hell-bound demon. Thanks Cool Dudes!
Jeals, Cool Dudes
Cool Dudes is a guild. And that is cool.
Flydro, Reckoning
I don’t even play the game anymore but these guys seem cool.
Xiloscient, Reckoning


Level 25 Perks

We have all the guild perks needed to level up quickly and hit 90 sooner!Guild Perks

Experienced Leaders

Leadership from experienced raiders in a top 10 US raiding guild!Guild Master's Armory

Guild Repairs

Don’t let a gold shortage get in the way of enjoying the game. Every member is covered for repairs!Learn More

Heirloom Gear

Gain complete access to all the BoA items needed to increase your leveling speed!Learn More