Everything You Need to Know about Offset Quadrant Shower Trays

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Everything You Need to Know about Offset Quadrant Shower Trays

Offset Quadrant Shower Trays are an obvious choice if you want to add more space in your shower area. They design these to complement the offset quadrant shower enclosures perfectly. The offset design can be ideal for a room in the corner shower area and is not a big concern.

What is the Offset Quadrant Shower Trays
The offset quadrant shower enclosures have the quadrant shape but with one relatively longer side to cover a longer area. This shape complements the offset quadrant shower enclosures and helps you make the most out of space in the bathroom's corner. These are almost similar to the quadrant shower trays but with one long side. This style is usually preferred if you have a bit of extra space available in your shower area. Few of the trays have a curved front that adds style to their high-end design and creates the illusion of a bigger bathroom.

What is the Material of the Offset Quadrant Shower Trays
There are different offset quadrant shower trays are available in the market. Different manufactures use original materials; hence these make it differ in quality as well. It is important to ensure that your Offset Quadrant Shower tray has high built quality, so you don’t have to replace it after a short time. All our shower trays are acrylic capped and manufactured from a polyurethane resin mixed filler and volcanic ash. This material is highly durable and light-weight so, you can expect that it will not a replacement for many years to come.

What Sizes are Available
Offset Quadrant Shower Trays come in different sizes to complement the different size shower areas. We have a wide range of sizes available, which range from 900 mm to 1200 mm, with various sizes on the other side. All these trays are 40mm thin, which almost 50% less than the other similar trays available in the market. As a result, our shower trays are durable and light-weight compared to other brands.

Other Salient Features of Offset Quadrant Shower Trays
Other than the above-discussed product related features, there are the following features of Quadrant shower trays.

Offset Quadrant Shower Trays provide a sturdy base for standing inside a shower area and look aesthetically pleasing.

Most people like it in white color, but we also have a black color available if you don’t want to go for the white color.

Because of their slim design, these are easy to fix and handle. Despite being lightweight, they are durable and don’t need a replacement for many years to come.

If you want a modern look in your bathroom, these high-quality shower trays can be a brilliant choice for you. Regardless of the size of your shower area and the type of corner you have, we have shower trays available that suit your specific requirements.

Our shower trays have a high built quality that looks different from other brands. By installing you would love everything about them from their usability to the look. While we do not design most of the offset Shower Trays in the UK for the look, our range has this distinctive feature for a good look as well.

Offset Shower Trays at Royal Bathrooms UK.
Offset shower trays are a splendid choice if you want a modern and aesthetically pleasing look in your bathroom. These perfectly complement the offset quadrant shower try & enclosures and an obvious choice for purchase along with it. You can explore our range of offset shower trays that are distinctive in terms of built quality and design as compared to alternative vendors. Our offset shower trays are only 40mm thin that makes them the sleekest and lightweight option among the shower trays.

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