Play Safe While Tracking Digital Activities of Your Teen With OgyMogy Mobile Tracker

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Play Safe While Tracking Digital Activities of Your Teen With OgyMogy Mobile Tracker

Dealing with today’s teenager is one of the most sensitive and challenging phases in parenting life. They need to be protective and caring while keeping an eagle's eye on the daily life and habits of the teenagers. Being a cool parent is not that easy. You have to be flexible and fun but must remember the basic responsibilities of parenthood. Teenage on the other hand is all about pushing limits and drawing and erasing lines. In all the adventures of the teenagers, parents must always be that backdoor or escape route the kid has in their mind in any kind of situation or crisis. Parents in the teenager's eyes must be like a friend who will back you up in your tough time and will clean the mess in any kind of trouble. If your teenager treats you as that friend then it's good but otherwise, you need to know about their life and deep secrets in another way. One way is to use the mobile tracker or spy app. Through smart devices like laptops, tablets, or smartphones parents can know about teen life and interests by using spy apps.

One of the best apps that offer useful features is OgyMogy. The best part about tracking or monitoring through the use of the OgyMogy spy app is that you can play safe as your kid will not know about the tracking. OgyMogy provides all the remote access while keeping it secret from the teenager. If you were reluctant to use a spy app just because you thought that it could affect the teen's views about you or something then no need to worry about it anymore. OgyMogy is just like a secret caretaker of your teenager and helps you in taking good care of your kid.

Location Tracking:
Track the real-time movements and pinpoint the location of your teen and know about their whereabouts by using the location tracking feature of the OgyMogy. Track their after-school routine, trip plans, and any secret hideouts of your teenager with Gps location tracking feature of the OgyMogy.

Mark A Virtual Safe Area:
Everyone uses google map as of April 2018 statistics around 154.4 million people monthly use google map. Thus you can mark a virtual safe zone on the google map. Not only just a safe zone you can even mark a restricted area as well to stop your kids from visiting unwanted or dangerous areas. Any activity around the marked zone will be reported to you by the OgyMogy.

Get Hold On The Call Data:
Get hold of all the call logbook of your teen using the cal log tracking feature of the OgyMogy. Know if they made any new friends in the school or outside school by checking any new entry in the call logbook. In case if your teen faces any kind of spam call issue OgyMogy will let you know as it records all the incoming and outgoing call data for the user.

Text Log Alert:
Text generation prefers text message over a call. OgyMogy offers a text log feature that lets the user remotely access the text box of the teenager. So if the teen receives any spam message, You will know about it right away and can take appropriate measures on time all thanks to the OgyMogy spy app.

Meet Real-Life Friends With Mic Bug Feature:
If you are curious about the company and are reluctant to directly ask about them due to obvious reasons then we have a solution for you. This feature can especially help you in case if you want to know about any specific friend of your teenager. The Mic Bug feature lets the user listen to all the surrounding chats and random discussions happening around the target device. You will know about what kind of conversation your teen and the company have on the way back home from school.

If you want to monitor other smart gadgets apart from using a mobile tracker for the smartphone then you can check the Mac and Windows spy app version of the OgyMogy. It offers deals and bundle features in the form of a set. Just select the bundle and install it on your teen laptop, desktop and tablets.

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