5 Natural Ways to Relieve Cold

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5 Natural Ways to Relieve Cold

Getting a cold is when you experience certain symptoms related to not feeling well. Some of them are fever, flatulence, runny nose, nausea and vomiting, cold sweats, chills, frequent belching, and so on. To get rid of colds not only can be treated with drugs. There are natural ways that are effective in curing colds.

Often when we are sick, we want to take medicine right away in the hope that it will get better soon. However, in fact, in some conditions for treatment only requires a healthy lifestyle. As well as getting enough rest, healthy and nutritious foods such as fruits and vegetables or consuming herbal ingredients that nourish the body so that they can cope with colds properly.

Anyone can experience a cold. Factors that cause colds can be due to fatigue, lack of sleep, staying up late, lack of rest and not even maintaining food intake every day. If you are experiencing this condition right now, don't worry. Without the need to take medication, you can get rid of colds effectively. Let's look at the tips and tricks below.

1. Drink warm ginger water
Ginger has been popular as a herbal ingredient that can treat various diseases. Well, do you know that warm ginger water can help to get rid of colds effectively? You can make a warm ginger drink mixed with sweetened condensed milk.

How to make it very easy. First, you need to wash the ginger clean and burn it with charcoal. After you smell the distinctive smell of delicious and ripe ginger, immediately remove it and then crush it. Next, put the ginger root in a glass. Add hot water to taste. You can add a little corn sugar and sweetened condensed milk Why Some People Get Cold Easily and How to Cure it

2. Garlic
Garlic is a kitchen ingredient that is certainly never absent in every home kitchen, including you not. Well, from this simple material, it turns out that it can help you to get rid of colds effectively. How do you get the properties of this garlic? Try to eat one clove of garlic.

First, don't forget to wash one clove of garlic that you are going to consume. After it is clean, then you consume it. All you need to remember; you should eat this garlic after eating.

3. Shallots
The next way is to use red onions as a medicine to get rid of colds. How do you take advantage of this red onion? Wash a clove of red onion first, then peel off the skin. Next, grill the shallots on medium heat so the onions can cook evenly.

You can eat one clove of red onion to get rid of or prevent the night wind from entering your body. Consumption can be done every day after eating so that it recovers quickly and is normal as before.

4. Drinking Water
The human need to consume water has become mandatory. Every day we need water to maintain good health. Drinking enough water also has the benefit of getting rid of colds. Even if it is uncomfortable to swallow water because you are sick, drinking enough water can be very beneficial for you.

Keep in mind you also need to avoid all types of drinks that contain soda and the dangers of alcohol. Not only that, but you should also drink less coffee, tea which contains a lot of sugar in it. This type of drink can cause dehydration. If you want to enjoy a tasting drink, you should choose fruit juice drinks that have a naturally sweet taste.

5. Get enough rest
Cold conditions require a lot of adequate rest. rest can help restore your body's condition to be stable and recover to normal. Therefore, when you catch a cold, you should get plenty of rest. For example, the night sleep quota must be longer than 8 hours if you want to recover quickly.

That's the complete information that discusses how to get rid of colds without effective drugs. These tips and tricks for treating colds are a healthy way to keep your body in good health. Even though you are not sick, you must still follow these healthy habits. Follow the discussion of the latest information and updates every day at mukhlas

If your health does not improve after following some of the suggestions above or you develop more severe symptoms, you should immediately consult a doctor for further treatment. Even though a cold is often considered a trivial disease, its effects can make sufferers uncomfortable. Therefore, stay healthy, and hopefully, it will be useful.

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