5 social media trends to consider in your marketing strategy 2021

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5 social media trends to consider in your marketing strategy 2021

Social media has shaped up to become more important than ever, especially in 2021. This channel has proven itself to be one of the best platforms for marketing and reaching more customers. Marketers should be aware that trends change as we welcome a new year. A lot of digital marketing agency Singapore strategies already use social media as one of their marketing platforms.

It’s not a surprise that 2020 has discovered an unprecedented change in the usage of social media, as well as the buying decisions of the customers. The global pandemic also changed a lot of things that affect the 2021 social media marketing trends. Here are five of the social media trends that you should consider in your 2021 marketing strategy.

Profit from your social media videos
Even before the pandemic started, social media videos have been a hit among users. It increases its popularity during the lockdown period. That’s why a lot of businesses want to use videos as a part of their digital marketing agency Singapore techniques. Because of this, different platforms are now developing more video features that marketers can take advantage of. Many social media agency Singapore strategies are already using this trend.

Video streaming will also continue to raise its popularity in 2021. The trend of live video shopping has taken over a lot of platforms especially Facebook and other eCommerce apps. You can also contact social media influencers who can promote your brand. Influencers can promote your brand or products through their videos which can drive more conversion to your site. Social media agency Singapore websites can also help you with getting an influencer.

Take advantage of niche platforms
Facebook is still the king of social media platforms, and Facebook ads are still an effective marketing medium. However, TikTok surprisingly increased its popularity in 2019 during the global pandemic in which everyone doesn't have any choice but to stay at home. Due to its increasing total downloads, a lot of businesses are signing up and taking advantage of the platform. Since a lot of people are always watching videos from TikTok, you can make marketing ads and publish them on the platform to boost engagement and conversion.

Social Commerce
A lot of social media users said that most of their buying decisions are inspired by social media content, especially about fashion. For example, Jenny is browsing through Instagram and she saw an influencer wearing this specific dress and promoting her “OOTD” through her post. Jenny really wishes to buy that same dress, so she searches the website and buys that exact dress. As you can see, Jenny got inspired and bought the products because of what she saw on social media. Social media agency Singapore will also suggest placing marketing ads on social media platforms, where anyone can see your products.

Customer service through social media
Of course, your other digital marketing agency Singapore strategy won’t work if your customer service is not that good. Since most people are now on Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok, they can also be reached out easily through these platforms. Resolving customer service issues through social media is a trend that will continue in 2021.

Social media can be a medium that provides quick answers to complicated questions. Moreover, social media has become an essential medium of contact for customers. It has brought a significant change to communications and other digital marketing agency Singapore strategies. Customers will feel more secure and confident about the brand if they can directly communicate with someone in the company. If you haven’t tried incorporating your social media into your business, then today is the best time to do it.

Use social media stories
Social media stories existed a few years back, and are still continuing to become even more popular. If you want to boost your eCommerce business or brand in 2021, you need to consider this social media agency Singapore marketing trend. You can take advantage of Facebook, Instagram, or WhatsApp stories in which you can post an update in a limited-time.

Since a lot of people are being entertained by watching their friend’s daily stories, they will also see some marketing ads from brands. If you ask a social media agency Singapore company, they will advise you to put any effort into making engaging ads and make use of this effective marketing trend.

Ask help from digital marketing agencies
A lot of marketers have tried to keep up with the marketing trends in 2020. Since a lot has changed because of the global pandemic, they need new marketing strategies to boost their sales in 2021. Since social media has been one of the entertainment mediums of a lot of people, many marketers and social media agency Singapore firms are already taking advantage of these platforms. If you’re still not sure how to incorporate social media into your marketing efforts, you can reach out to digital marketing agency Singapore websites like Digital Solutions. Contact one of their consultants and book a schedule with one of their social media specialists.

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