A complete guide to how you can register IMEI number in PTA

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A complete guide to how you can register IMEI number in PTA

Step-by-Step Guide to Register IMEI Number in PTA
In order to avoid illegal mobile purchasing and selling, getting your mobile phones registered has been made a mandatory process in Pakistan. The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has announced that every citizen has to get their devices registered through online portals.

In case for some reason, if the users are unable to register IMEI number in PTA, they can also visit any CMO mobile franchise near your place and get the procedure done. Moreover, in the past PTA had been doing this job via walk-in services at their office but recently they have shifted their mobile registration facilities to the customer service centers.

Process of Getting your Device Registered

There are several ways as to how you can get your device registered, but only a few are valid. You might get scammed while going through the registration process so you need to be vigilant. The generalized way to register IMEI number in PTA is;

Dial *8484# then you will receive an SMS on your mobile device.

Reach any customer service center operator, they can guide you through the process.

Use a PTA mobile application to get your device registered.

PTA Guidelines for Blocked or Stolen Phones
You can get your stolen or misplaced mobile phone blocked by going to your nearest PTA office or calling their helpline or simply visiting their website. However, the first step of the process is getting your sim card blocked by the sim provider.

However, reporting a mobile phone to get it blocked can become quite a hassle sometimes. In order to make the process easier, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has provided a set of guidelines with which you can get this process done. Aside from blocking lost phones, PTA also registers a mobile phone, it is quite necessary to get your phone registered with PTA for which they usually charge a PTA mobile registration tax for the purpose.

Registration at the Airport
You may hear about the way where a person can easily get their mobile registered if they are traveling back to Pakistan or to just visit the airport to get their devices registered. You heard right! The PTA started the registration process at the airports with several counters dealing in this matter. They will take the unregistered devices entering Pakistan and get them registered on the spot.

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