How to Wear a V Neck Jumper and Look Great

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How to Wear a V Neck Jumper and Look Great

It was in the 1940s and 1950s when T-shirts became popular. Before that, they were considered an undergarment. In the 60s, an assortment of colors in tees started popping up. Designers decided to shake things up and ended up creating V-necks.

Some of you might loath V-neck jumpers and shirts but they are quite flattering. They make your face look more sculpted and longer. These jumpers are highly sophisticated when worn the right way. You can even be daring and pair them with khaki cargo pants without looking bizarre.

V-necks made a humble appearance on the runway a while ago and when celebrities like Ryan Gosling and Donald Glover started wearing them, people took notice. No wonder the V-neck style has dominated menswear for some time. They are highly desirable. If you would like to dress like Chris Hemsworth, David Gandy, and Tinie Tempah, it is time you embrace V-necks as well.

The Right Way to Wear V-Necks
It’s true that without some flair, a V-neck jumper could make you look like your dad. What you need is more than a luxed-up version of this jumper. You also need tips to wear it the right way and turn heads wherever you go.

The opportunities to wear V-neck are boundless. Let’s see some surefire ways to wear a V-neck jumper and look your best:

Always wear an undershirt
Okay, if you are wearing a V-neck jumper for the time or unless you are sure you can pull it off, never wear it without an undershirt. A simple solution is to wear a dress-shirt underneath to look like a sharply dressed man.

Stick to the basics
When it comes to colors, never be tempted to cross the lines. Sure, V-necks are available in a rainbow of hues but it is best to stick to the basics and let the neckline do the lifting.

Gray, navy jumpers with well-tailored trousers never fail.

Wear it under a sport coat
Shirts are not the only option when it comes to layering. A good old sport coat or a blazer looks fantastic as well.

When it comes to layering, always move the textures from lightest to heaviest. This means your dress shirt will be the smoothest. Then, pick a sweater with a tiny bit of texture. Last but not least, top the look for a sport coat featuring chunkiness.

Choose the right fitting
It is extremely important to wear a V-neck jumper that fits you well. Here are some tips to choose the right jumper:

While there is no harm in wearing a jumper that hugs your torso and arms, it shouldn’t be too tight that the contours of the shirt you are wearing underneath become visible.

The bottom hem of the jumper must be 2 inches below the belt buckle.

The V-neck of your jumper must be narrow enough to touch and cover the tips of the collar of your dress shirt.

The bottom of the V of your jumper’s collar must hit above or above the tops of the armpits.

The shoulder means must line up where the arms meet the shoulders

Long story short, the sweater must fit you right off the rack because it is nearly impossible to alter it. To make sure you get a jumper with an accurate fit, it’s recommended to wear some kind of shirt when you go out shopping. Try the sweater on and be sure it fits well.

Key V-Neck Jumpers to Buy
Ready to wear V-necks? Before you head out to buy one, here is a little guide. These staple pieces deserve to be in every man’s wardrobe:

Merino wool jumper
This enduring piece is best to wear in winters. It is soft, lightweight and it keeps you warm. Call it an affordable alternative to cashmere. Another great quality of merino wool is that it is breathable. You can easily wear it over a shirt without sweating.

Cricket sweater
A cricket sweater has been a significant contribution to the world of menswear. Get a cricket sweater with insulating wool for the cold winter days and a lightweight cotton one for the transitional days.

Zip-neck sweater
It is a slightly elevated version of a track-top and not exactly a V-neck jumper. This ensemble is perfect for those who don’t feel ready for the V-neck trend. Wearing a zip-neck jumper means you haven’t fully committed to the V-neck style.

V-necks jumpers look best with chinos, dark denim, and wool trousers. Oxford dress shoes and leather boots just nail the whole look.

It might take a while to get used to V-necks if you are trying to wear them for the first time. Be sure you follow these dos and don’ts to look your best.

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