How do students start their online classes at home

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How do students start their online classes at home

In the past, taking tuition meant sitting in a group of 15-20 students or even more to take in-person classes. But these kinds of classes posed more challenges for students as they don’t get personal attention and are not able to learn at their pace. Now, all thanks to advanced technology that has made online tuition possible. It is much easier than anything else now. There are numerous advantages of online classes, allowing students to learn, understand, and memorize the concepts easily. And that too without any need to attend classes in person. Online education is far better than offline education that might have otherwise been inaccessible or highly inconvenient.

Though there are certain challenges that you might witness while starting your online classes. But if you are prepared and have developed effective skills then trust us, there is no better alternative than an online classroom setting. Our tutors at Ziyyara have presented some of the effective tips to make online learning successful.

Beneficial Tips For Students to begin with their Online Classes
If you plan to take online classes, the below-mentioned tips and advice will prove beneficial for students.

Take an online course the way you take an offline course
When it’s about online tuition classes, you need to be disciplined and stay motivated. Though Ziyyara offers flexibility in class timings and allows you to choose the timing from your comfort zone, still dedication and focus on studies is something all online students need to have.

Don’t take online courses for granted, and remember that you are spending your parents’ hard-earned money. So the way you sit in a traditional, in-person class, you need to study the same way. If you treat your online classes the same as face-to-face classes and pay more attention to what is being shown on the screen, you can understand the concept easily.

Be accountable for your work
Set goals for yourself at the beginning of the classes, and check whether you have stitched to it or not. While sitting in a traditional classroom, your teacher might keep on reminding you to keep quiet and stay attentive, but here you are your own teacher. Try to utilize the available time more productively and complete the given assignments on or before time.

If you are not able to understand a particular concept, you can ask Ziyyara’s tutor to provide online tutoring and get all queries resolved at the earliest. Staying organized, proactive, and dedicated, you can get the most from your online class while studying from your comfort zone.

Enhance time management abilities
The option of creating your timings is something Ziyyara offers, while taking online classes from us, you can choose your class timings. Don’t misuse the freedom and in its absence, you won’t be able to use the allotted time precisely. Some great ways that help you boost your time management abilities include:

  • Go through the syllabus in the beginning only as it will give you a fair idea about the concepts and topics. Mark a note of all important chapters and concepts on the calendar and tick mark the ones that are done in Ziyyara’s online learning.
  • Create a weekly and monthly schedule and spend enough time to read, watch lectures, and try to complete all the assignments on time. Stay committed to making your online course a hit.
  • When doing assignments provided by Ziyyara, try to complete work within the allotted time period.

Stay focused to learn
Create a dedicated learning environment to study and try to create a peaceful environment with no distractions. No distractions can help you complete the work on time and helps to establish a proper routine. Whether you take Ziyyara’s online tuitions from your home, or somewhere else, it’s important to stay determined and make the best use of the available technology. But one thing that is important while taking the best tuition classes is a good internet connection and a system to take the classes. Knowing about the important exam dates, syllabus, books, etc. helps students keep a track of their performance and achieve the goal. While taking online classes at Ziyyara, make sure you have:

  • A good internet connection
  • All the required study material like books, etc. that promote effective learning.
  • Have headphones to see and listen to our audio-video classes.

Remove distractions
An important thing that needs to be considered while getting online learning is a peaceful place to learn and study. You don’t need to get diverted from the distractions that are beyond your control. Regardless of where you are taking these digital classes, always keep your cell phone in silent mode or if possible to avoid losing focus on your studies. Also, Ziyyara uses interactive audio-video classes that are provided using a whiteboard, so no outside distraction is a must while taking these classes.

Explore more innovative ways to learn
Once you get to know what you want to learn, think about when and explore new and innovative ways to achieve your goal. In case you are taking some additional classes along with taking classes at Ziyyara, then you can opt for the weekend classes as well. Since all students have their own learning abilities, we offer customized classes allowing students to learn exactly the way they want. No matter how much it is taken by a student to understand a particular concept or topic, we ensure that our tutor leaves no stone untouched in offering the best to you. Make sure you stay attentive during our audio-video best tuition classes and be creative when it’s about learning something new and trendy.

Be an active participant
Participation in online tuitions is very important, it means getting involved in class discussions and asking questions on topics you are not familiar with. The flexibility of online learning is that you know in advance about the class timings and you can arrange things accordingly, so set your to-do list every day. Ziyyara encourages all school-going children and even the ones taking homeschooling to be an active participants and get all the doubts cleared the moment they arise in your mind. Don’t wait until a chapter is completed, rather ask questions in between as well to report issues.

Build repo with tutor
While taking online classes, you might feel that you are studying individually, but this is not the truth. In reality, all your learning needs are taken care of by Ziyyara and they believe in the concept of collaboration with all students. Try to build a repo with all the tutors and stay engaging in all the online discussions. Don’t be afraid to ask doubts, no matter how small or big your question is, at Ziyyara you will be appreciated for it.

Online classes
Ziyyara is an excellent option to academically prepare for the exam. Though there are some unique challenges, adhering to the tips mentioned helps students start their online classes at home.

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