Maintenance Tips For Commercial Exhaust Fans

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Maintenance Tips For Commercial Exhaust Fans

When it comes to operating a commercial kitchen, business owners generally overlook the exhaust fans. They get attention only when they do not work properly or completely stop working. However, you should know that an exhaust fan plays a very important role in commercial kitchens. So, don’t wait for them to break down completely or malfunction. Keep them well-maintained with the right kitchen exhaust cleaning services to keep your business operations in full swing.

Let’s learn a little about how some preventive maintenance can help ensure that your commercial kitchen exhaust fan remains completely working and has a very long life. But before that let us find out some of the benefits of exhaust fan maintenance.

Advantages of Exhaust Fan Maintenance
A preventative maintenance schedule will not take lots of time always. With a little time and some effort, you can maintain your exhaust fans at their best. By keeping your exhaust fans well-maintained, you can save your money and time and feel peaceful as you won’t need to handle the last-minute issues. The key benefit of preventative maintenance is that your exhaust fan and its element's life will extend. Routine measures can also help you keep away from costly component changes and keep the exhaust fan away from experiencing early breakdowns. With the right maintenance of the exhaust fan, you can make it more energy-efficient. It will help save your money on its operating costs.

Preventative Maintenance Tips For Exhaust Fans Commercial Settings

Inspect and Change Fan Belts
In a commercial setting, it is important to inspect and change the commercial kitchen exhaust fan cleaning belts regularly to ensure that it has the right tension and isn’t sliding off. Be a little more careful with the belt’s fitting as it shouldn’t become overly tight. It is because an overly tight belt will have to experience wear and this will lead to premature failure of the bearings and other parts. The fan belts generally don’t last for a long time, so it’s important to notice if there is any sign of weakening so that you can replace those weak or cracked belts. If you find that the exhaust fan belt is low in its pulley, you should change it immediately.

Examine The Electric Wiring And Cords
Always ensure to have an extra slack in your electric wiring to let the fan get bent back to its open position. Examine its cords and wiring for signs of distressing or weakening. Also, ensure that there is no twist in the cord and every electric connection is fully safe. The electric wiring and cords should not be exposed to grease, chemicals, and hot surfaces.

Check Seals on Air Intakes and Motor-Covers
Don’t overlook the worth of keeping oils, grease, and fats from entering the air intakes and motor housing of the exhaust systems. You can perform a quick check always to ensure that the seals prevent any kind of harm to the fan’s motor. Though you’re checking it already, ensure to look for other signs of deterioration on the fan motor.

Adjust The Fan Blades Properly
If you find that your commercial kitchen’s exhaust fan blades aren’t adjusted properly, it may lead to extra vibrations. When you face such a situation, it can make your whole unit vibrate causing the bolts, nails, and other elements to become loose. It can decrease the productivity of your fan and comprise its attachment’s safety. So, check the exhaust fan continuously for additional vibrations. If you think that it is causing more vibrations, clean the fan blades properly on both sides. Look for the build-up and immediately remove it. Damages to the blade are another reason that can result in an unbalance.

Inspect Old Vibration Isolators
An old vibration isolator is a basic issue with exhaust fans in commercial kitchens. They are rubber connectors that help the fan’s framing section and work as shock absorbers. When they become old, they dry and break down. When such a situation occurs, you can experience an increase in the vibrations of the fan and a jingling noise in extreme cases. These vibration isolators are simple and reasonable to replace if you catch this problem early on. But if you fail or delay replacing them at a suitable time, possibilities are that the exhaust fan blades may get knocked off, causing expensive damages to the bearings or blades.

Check The Exhaust Fans Exterior
You should pay close attention to the exterior of your equipment. Look if there is any leakage or weakening or wear and tear. Also, check if there is any harm from airborne products that might may crash inside the fan. It might look small, however, you should replace a broken or rusty panel and roof curb always and also tighten a loose screw.

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