Set the mood for a luxuriously lavish bath with these tips

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Set the mood for a luxuriously lavish bath with these tips

They say you don't need someone to pamper and spoil you if you can do it yourself. And what else than a luxurious bath seems the most appropriate and exotic way to pamper yourself? Well, it is actually a recommended way to bust the stress in your life and leave your senses and muscles rejuvenated. Believe us, nothing can match the comfort and relaxing feel of a luxurious bath if you are doing it right.

Best tips to enjoy the most luxurious bathing experience at home
Most of you who are craving a luxurious bath experience need not head for a session in a spa or a 5-star hotel to enjoy it. But now the same experience can be enjoyed at home. And yes, it would be as amazing.

1. Get some candles and lovely lights We know it sounds a tad cheesy, but lights play such a sweet role in creating a fabulous ambience in any room. The best kind of lights to create a luxurious feel in your bathroom is candles. So, if you've got some really lovely candles or soothing lights installed in the bathrooms, let them cast their magic aura as you take a relaxing soak.

2. Fragrances of course If you have candles that are scented as well, then they add to the charm of a wonderful bathing experience. If not, then you can always use some fresh fragrances (essential oils of lavender or lily or whatever you like) and pour them in your bath water to make it all the more magical. Remember, a nice smelling bathroom while you dip in a luxurious bath is certainly a refreshing factor.

3. Bath bombs in Australia from Twisted Fizzers are certainly magic workers in your bathroom. They provide you with the best quality of these along with some extravagant luxury bath and body products. The way this bomb sizzle in your bath and leaves a nice refreshing fragrance and detoxing particles in the water makes it truly a fantastic thing to experience. Get these in your favourite colours, shapes, and fragrances to enjoy a relaxing bath that would soothe all your senses.

4. Wine and cheese Let’s not forget that you are going to spend an hour or so dipping yourself in a luxurious bath. What would you do during this time apart from enjoying your “me time”? Well, sipping some wine in this wonderful ambience and nibbling some cheese alongside may entice you.

5. Music seals it perfectly Ok, so when everything is ideal, why leave music out of this perfect picture? Of course, it does add the right finishing touch to your most amazing bathing experience. Play your favourite romantic tune and humm with it while taking a royal dip.

Sounds lovely? Well, it’s definitely going to be an experience of a kind. That too in the comfort of your own home. Just remember, keep the temperature of the water just right and ensure you get no phone calls to disturb in between this gala time.

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