Mobile Friendly Website or Mobile App

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Mobile Friendly Website or Mobile App

According to Statista, the percentage of mobile phone users in the world in 2017 was 64 % Currently in 2021, there are 5.22 billion users of mobile phones in the world today. We can say that this figure is very big. Sometimes, you may have to decide whether to create a mobile app or a mobile website for your business. Winning the audience is your basic aim. The required web properties, your resources, and your business plan are the factors on which it depends. Now I am going to tell you which is best for your business: A mobile-friendly website or a mobile app.

Mobile website
To access the content of the internet, a browser-based way is a mobile website. It is not possible to display it on the desktop perfectly because it has been created for mobile devices specifically. For smaller screens, optimizing the websites is a broader concept. The responsive design of a website will be basically discussed here. A linking of HTML pages will occur in a responsive website. It is possible to use screens of all sizes for displaying this type of website. On desktop sites as well as mobile-friendly sites it will work well. Along with this the touch screen tablets and smartphones can also display this. So, we can say that for a mobile device, it will be perfect to use a responsive web design. To support marketing campaigns and implement outreach strategies, it will be perfect to use responsive websites.

Its pros

Compatible with different devices – In mobile devices of different types, it is possible to boost the user experience by making use of a website. For the type of device and operating system, creating a separate version is needed for the mobile application. Text messaging and QR codes are some other mobile features that can be integrated into it.

Wider reach – As compared to the mobile app, reaching a broader audience has become easy if, across several platforms, we use a responsive web design.

Maintenance and support – Upgrading the sites costs less. Their single version needs to be maintained by you. A single editing of design or content is needed in mobile sites so as to change or update these. On the other hand, every single update needs to be downloaded in mobile apps. In devices of all types, it is possible to make the updates active just after implementing these.

Its cons

Inconvenience in the usage of various features – The efficient usage of smartphone features is not possible for a responsive website. The responsive sites can’t fully utilize the features like phone dialing, GPS and cameras as their development is not complete for these sites.

UX – The desktop experience is different from the mobile experience. Therefore, it will not be good for your UX strategy if on both platforms we implement the same interface.

Accessing offline – For operating fully, an internet connection is necessarily needed in a mobile website. However, we can locally run a mobile application.

Mobile app
From the app store or Google Play Market, it is possible to download mobile applications. For smoother interactions and faster access, we can use mobile apps.

Its pros

Easy access – As compared to equivalent websites the popularity is more in the applications. Easy access, faster loading of the content, and better user experience can be provided by the mobile apps.

Customization – For keeping vital information, creating personal accounts, and setting preferences the users can use an application.

Offline working – The offline usage of mobile apps is possible.

Its Cons

Compatibility to devices – Different versions of apps are needed for different platforms like Windows, Android, and iOS.

Maintenance and support – A lot of money and time is needed for developing an app on several platforms. For devices of any type fixing compatibility issues and providing upgrades is also necessary. If you are interested in creating stunning websites then it will be good for you to contact Website design India.

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