Why You Should Prefer A Quadrant Shower Tray Over Others

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Why You Should Prefer A Quadrant Shower Tray Over Others

Quadrant shower trays are an essential utility that is commonly installed with a quadrant shower enclosure. As you may already know shower trays have the important function of providing a firm base where you can stand during the shower. that, a shower tray is important as it prevents water leakages from an enclosure. The water also easily flows towards drainage because of its slightly tiled surface. Many people don't realize it but, it is also important in preventing accidental slips during the shower. Since bathroom shower areas have different shapes and sizes, including enclosure, there must be shower trays that fully complement all such spaces' needs and requirements.

What is the Difference from Other Shower Trays
The major difference is its quadrant shape that is clear from its name. So, it is the same as other shower trays which are available in rectangular or square shape. Another difference lies, its front has a slight curve as compared to other shower trays.

What are the Benefits of Quadrant Shower Trays
Although sometimes, the better choice depending on your bathroom design.

A Better Alternative to Square and Rectangular Shower Trays
As discussed earlier, shower trays have different shapes to full fill the requirements of other shower areas. A quadrant shape, however, is unique because of its front curve. Because of this shape, this design is more popular as it provides better use of bathroom space compared to others.

A Great Choice for Small Bathrooms
Compared to other shower trays, a quadrant shower tray is an ideal choice for a small bathroom. That does not, they limit its utilization to small spaces. The main reason for it's a better choice for the area where space is premium is that it perfectly fits well in the bathroom corner. So if you want efficient use of space, then this shape is perfect for you. The larger bathrooms can also benefit from it, where you might have many other reasons to use this design.

Get a Beautiful and Modern Look
Most times, people don't install a shower tray. This may be their own choice, but the look which a quadrant shower tray creates in your bathroom is unforgettable. A front curve with gloss white high-quality finish makes it a focal point in the bathroom that easily becomes a center of attention. Just imagine a dull look on the floor without a shower tray can never match its aesthetic value. If you have a quadrant shower enclosure and all other fixtures according to modern design, it will look incomplete without installing this shower tray.

High-Quality Material and Slimline design
As with many other bathroom essentials like bath, basin, and toilets, a shower tray is also available in plastic, ceramics, acrylic, etc. The best out of these materials is acrylic, which is both economical and durable. Ceramic is heavy and costly, while plastic is not very durable. We have slim acrylic shower trays, which are just 40mm in the widget, hence lightweight and easy to fix. These are perfect for long-term use, and you would love their quality.

Get Quadrant Shower Tray from Royal Bathrooms UK
Although you would most probably complement this design with your quadrant shower enclosure tray, most times, it will perfectly work as a stand-alone unit. The biggest benefit of this shape is that its space. Besides that, it is modern look quickly catches the eyes. If you are looking for a shower tray for a small bathroom, this shape will be a better choice. At Royal Bathrooms, we have an extensive range of shower trays available in 700 mm to 1000 mm with an overall 40 mm width.

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