How to file for taxes using a married name if your second wife is in your maiden name

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How to file for taxes using a married name if your second wife is in your maiden name

A number of responsibilities come when you are getting married. Your partner’s all responsibility will be yours. So, there tax filing will be one of your responsibilities. Most of the spouses don’t want to file tax separately. At that time, you have to do it jointly. Here, another thing happens for a newly married couple: the wife may not change her maiden name yet when tax filing is needed. This is a very common situation.

In that case, if it is your second wife, then a common question can come to your mind that can I file for taxes using a married name if your second wife is in your maiden name?

Yes, and you can do it easily basically, this our discussion topic here that. If you are one of those who want to know the process, this article will help you a lot. Are you facing any kind of problem which is regarding common law? Click here to know all the information regarding Common Law Alberta.

How to file for taxes using a married name if your second wife is in your maiden name
Having different types of last names is not a problem when you are filing taxes jointly. The tax form provides separate lines for each spouse’s name and the social security number. So, here no matter if it is your second wife or first wife, you can easily file it using her maiden name. But one thing you have to make sure that here you use the name that SSA (Social Security Administration) has on their file.

Now one question can come to your mind, what will determine your filing status?  Actually, here the thing is, you are filing taxes for the previous year. Isn’t it? Here the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) will notice your marital status on the last day of the year. If you marry after the start of the new year, you will get one more tax filing by using the single filing status.

If you marry before starting a new year, you can choose married filing jointly even if you have a different last name. That means you are able to use the maiden name of your wife to do it. We hope you have got the point.

What are the advantages of filing taxes jointly
There are a huge number of advantages you will get by filing taxes jointly. That is why people have this many queries regarding this topic. The most important advantages are as follows:

You will get a higher standard deduction
If you file jointly, you will get a double deduction. Like, if you file separately, you will get around $10000 standard deduction. But if you do it jointly, you will get around $20000 deduction. 

You will get more tax credits
Tax credits are like a gift card from the IRS (Internal Revenue Services). If you file taxes jointly, you will get more tax credits. You may be qualified for different tax credits, including Lifetime Opportunity Credit for Higher Education Expenses, Earned Income Tax Credit, Adoption Credit, American Opportunity Credit, Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit, Credit for the Elderly and Disabled, etc.  

It is less complicated
If you are married and file taxes separately, you will have tax filing very complicated. Different types of issues will come there like, child-related issues. But if you do it jointly, you will get a comparatively less complicated process. So, it is obviously a plus point.

It saves time
If you want to do tax filing separately, you have to do everything two times. On the contrary, in the case of joint filing, you will be able to two person’s filing at a time. So, it obviously saves time. These are mainly the advantages of tax filing jointly. For these reasons, people want to do it jointly and get all these benefits. But it actually depends on the different situations. There also have some demerits of joint filing. That is why our recommendation is, choose one which is more beneficial to you.

So, this is how you can file for taxes using a married name if your second wife is in your maiden name. Here, we have discussed some necessary information regarding this topic also, so that you get enough knowledge about it. We hope you have understood everything well. Then again, if you have further confusion regarding this topic, let us know in the comment section.

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