Custom popcorn boxes with handles to the rescue

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Custom popcorn boxes with handles to the rescue

Last night after a one-hour-long meltdown, my 5-year-old was calmed by the custom popcorn boxes. Unbelievable right? Well, frankly, I could not have been more thankful for these evolved custom popcorn boxes with handles that can be carried around easily by kids and adults. Being a single parent is never easy. I hardly ever get time to go shopping in the real world nowadays as I find myself shuffling between work and home. So, I was very happy when my sister planned a shopping trip with me to the mall. Our kids were of the same age and we both needed to get seasonal clothes for them. Hence, we took our kids along. We decided to watch an animated movie with our kids after we were done with our shopping. Both kids seemed happy and calm and so it did not seem like a bad choice at that time.

Before being seated we bought four printed popcorn boxes of popcorns. They were sweet and savory. I loved munching on popcorns during movies and so did my little one. Everything was fine during the first half of the movie. In the latter half, however, my child complained of an ache in her ear. I covered her ear with an ear muffler I always keep with me. She seemed fine with it and continued eating popcorns from our popcorn packaging boxes. after about twenty minutes she started wailing. On seeing her upset my sister’s child also started crying. We both immediately left the theatre with our kids. In our hurry, we totally forgot to pick up the popcorn packaging boxes from our seats. As we came out my child had already stopped crying. I found a chair and sat her in my lap.

Act of kindness and custom popcorn boxes
I comforted her and asked her if her ear was still hurting. Thankfully, her reply was negative. While I was sitting there the man from the popcorn counter came over and handed both the kids with a cartoon character printed popcorn boxes. The best part was that these boxes had handles that made our kids smile and pacified them even more. What a thoughtful gesture, I thought to myself as I thanked him and left the mall. My sister observed that popcorn boxes with handles offered convenience because they prevented spills. Moreover, the companies could brand these boxes up to the handles for imprinting a memory about their brand in the customers’ minds.

Custom popcorn boxes USA manufacturers have studied their market thoroughly and are offering versatile styles in printed popcorn boxes according to the needs of the customers. They know that seniors, adults, and kids all enjoy snacking on popcorns when watching movies. They also realize that the theater rooms are dimly lit during the movies and it can cause one to spill food items. Hence, they have started crafting popcorn boxes that are easy to carry around, durable but lightweight. All sizes and shapes are available in these boxes according to the preferences and the needs of the clients. Companies interested in greener packaging solutions can check out options in biodegradable stocks for the popcorn boxes they require. There are many varieties of biodegradable stocks that popcorn brands can select from.

Custom popcorn boxes for everyone
Some companies prefer full-color printing on their custom printed popcorn boxes while others like on or two-colored printing on these boxes. Print and packaging companies need to find the best packaging solution for their clients within their budgets. If you are looking forward to giving your popcorn boxes an exciting look so that your customers can recall them instantly, make sure to check out the options with ClipnBox.

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