Fun with candles and custom printed candle boxes

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Fun with candles and custom printed candle boxes

Did you think candles in custom printed candle boxes were only used for decoration purposes Wrong! There are so many fun things one can do with candles. I learned that during the lockdown. I was bored, so I ended up searching the internet about everything under the sun. It was the early days of lockdown due to the pandemic, so online orders other than food were not delivered. During this time, I had to find out ways to keep my six-year-old occupied. One morning I woke up to find him playing with custom printed candle boxes that I had brought before the pandemic. It was then that I searched about candles. I found out that there were more ways to have fun with this product and its printed candle boxes while keeping your kids occupied. But first, let us find out a few interesting facts about candles.

Not all candles came in printed candle boxes
Candles did not always come in custom-printed candle boxes. According to some researchers, they are believed to be the oldest resources used by humans, for light. Some claim that it was invented accidentally in the sub-continent after humans experimented with the wax left behind as residue after burning cinnamon. Others think that they have developed around 200 years BC in China during the Qin Dynasty, from animal or whale fat. Later on, tallow from beef started being used in the manufacturing of candles. Because of this reason, candles got stolen during plague, famine, and war. They were eaten when food was scarce. Gradually, candle use became popular, in religious ceremonies with various religions celebrating the ‘festival of lights’. By the thirteenth century, there were craftsmen in France and England known as chandlers who mastered the art of candle-making and opened candle shops.

However, they still needed fat for producing candles. Because of this, they went collecting fat from house to house. Not many know, but candles were also used for recording time. Candles burn steadily. Humans realized they can be used as timers and thus marked them with lines to represent hours or days (in larger candles). Sometimes, weights were embedded with these marks. When wax would melt weights, would fall on metal plates to make a sound. Though these candles were not like the modern ones that come packaged in pretty custom printed candle boxes they served many purposes. The modern candles can be used for various purposes as well. They can add cheeriness to any room in an instant. Many use candles to add warmth to their homes and offices. Many men and women use them to get rid of pet smells from their homes.

The manufacturers of candle boxes in USA have mastered the art of crafting boxes that are best for packaging candles. They are durable, attractive, and reusable. They are tailored according to the product needs and company requirements. Candles brands understand that these custom boxes, which excite their customers to check out the product inside.

Fun with candles in custom printed candle boxes
I asked my son to select one from the custom printed candle boxes from around him. I taught him how to make secret messages from the candle inside. Thankfully, the candle inside was a white one. I taught him how to write letter using this candle and revealing the message using water colors on the paper. My son loved the idea and even demonstrated to his friends over a video chat.

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